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Rede Academy opens as one of the most inclusive academies in the United States. 

Full inclusion creates opportunities for all and harnesses the advantages of diversity and the assets of a broad knowledge base and unique repertoire of skills. Rede is a place where we all are determined that we all win. Our families are forward-thinking, value 21st-century learning, and want a world-class education as well as a remarkable experience for their children.

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Classmates explore differences and discover commonalities.

We believe in full inclusion in every aspect of academia and provide opportunities for all children to understand the world as it is and be well prepared to change it into what it ought to be. All learners, which include children who learn, think, process, communicate, move, sense, be and/or feel in ways that are less common than most, learn together with and from each other throughout the entire day.

Everyone's repertoire of skills and knowledge is broadened.

Inclusion requires educators to learn each child's strengths and interests and develop multiple pathways to learn for the entire class. Different needs, whether labeled or not, are met on an individual basis and educators can facilitate extra support and enrichment whenever beneficial. Differentiated instruction allows all learners to acquire the same subjects at multiple levels of complexity. We get to know your child as an individual and provide assistance and effective instruction accordingly.

Inclusion benefits all children.

Inclusion creates opportunities for everyone. Inclusion broadens social networks, strengthens problem solving skills, and increases shared learning opportunities for all learners. For learners who also benefit from professional services (e.g. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy), our intentional teaming process allows private professionals and Rede educators to purposefully work in coordination. Supports are learner-centered and access-oriented and brought directly to learners and embedded into class activities. AfterCare hours can also be utilized. We place a particular emphasis on a child's preferences as well as family engagement in decision-making. Our teaming process is forward-thinking, uncomplicated, and energizing.

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