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Our Roots: Text


We are passionate. We are educators, parents, carers, experts, professionals, local businesspersons.

All in, all together. 

We thought of what Rede could sow in the hearts of people throughout the world and in the lives of children we personally know. We utilized our gifts, talents and resources to create a remarkable educational experience. We believe in Rede wholeheartedly. It's still amazing and humbling that this gets to be part of our story.

We are excited about the journey and the destination, and others are too. We believe in a system that doesn't segregate based on differences.  Inclusive education was one thing that we knew we could do something about. The other option was not to do anything, not to take a step forward. We weren't sure how everything would pan out but the unknown is better than doing nothing. We looked at the big picture and the intricate details.

What would last. What would last longer than us. 

How it would impact. Greater than us.

It takes believing in what's right and what can't be completely known.

We knew that we wouldn't be constrained by convention. We weren't impressed by what's typically done. We did more than think outside the box, we got rid of the box. We are the why-nots in a world of cannots. All of us. We ignored whispers that the task would be overwhelming. We kept our energy on what matters. We don't settle for less. We knew what was in our reach and what needed to change and... we did it.

Our Roots: What's Happening

Welcome to Rede.  Welcome to better.

Our Roots: Text
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