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The health, safety and social-emotional well-being of our community is everyone's focus.


As a community, we are each committed to healthy behaviors. There are academy protocols and expectations regarding the pandemic. Rede Academy expects faculty, staff, professionals, families, and learners to uphold all expectations put forth by the academy in its efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, including not only the current expectations of routine cleaning and sanitizing, masks (except those learners that are unable under CDC guidelines to wear a mask), heightened personal social distancing, maximum utilization of outdoor classrooms, and community expectations but also additional expectations that may be established by Rede Academy as circumstances change.


The response to safety guidance has been integrated seamlessly into operations. Our ultra small classes are grouped even smaller with only 3 or 4 learners per micro-pod and meet with educators outdoors on consistent days and times. We've created a consistent schedule and a structure that keeps learners engaged, challenged, and socialized by utilizing outdoor micro-pods when circumstances require.


When safety dictates even further action beyond outdoor micro-pods, we enact our virtual learning plan. Since we are designed to be small and lessons applicable to real world experiences, we are able to integrate our remote learning plan seamlessly into life at home for our learners and be a big support to our parents. Virtual instruction is shorter than a typical academic day (we just don't believe children should be expected to sit in front of a computer for hours). Children have fun virtually learning the topics for the day with their classmates and have the remainder of the day to explore what they've learned and expound on it in their home environment as well as share with peer partners, educators, and family.

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