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INQUIRY AND APPLICATION.  Browse the website to get to know us. If our pedagogy resonates with you, we encourage you to apply. Given our 21st century approach to education, it is important that both the academy and the family applying have an opportunity to explore ideas, questions, thoughts, and feelings and our application serves as a springboard for those later conversations. Every family is welcome to apply and should contact us if the application fee presents a hardship.

Admissions: Admissions


ADMISSIONS PROCESS.  Once we receive and review your application, you will receive an invitation to a virtual conversation which provides the opportunity to ask questions of the academy and of your family’s educational goals and talk about how those desires might be fulfilled here.  The admissions process provides us all a chance to explore hopes and perspectives and what you find exciting and vital in Rede. An on-site tour would occur after a virtual conversation. When you accept a place for your child, we will ask you to secure that space with the non-refundable enrollment fee. 

We will continue to accept applications until open spots have been filled. Applications received after spots have been filled will be placed in our wait pool. Should a spot open during the year, we will reopen the enrollment process and consider wait pool applicants. Preference is extended to siblings of children already enrolled. We also give preference in order to balance a class by age and gender and further consideration is given to enhance diversity. You are welcome to contact us at any time you would like an update on where we are in the admissions process.

Admissions: Admissions



You can submit the Application and the Application Fee online.


Our Adjusted Tuition Request Form is straight-forward, time-respectful, and detailed simply.  There is no fee for the Adjusted Tuition Request.  Download the Adjusted Tuition Request Form, complete and mail to Rede Academy, with "TAC" written prominently on the envelope (TAC stands for Tuition Adjustment Committee and ensures the sealed envelope will be directed to that committee).  For more information on adjusted tuition, read the Tuition page.



After submission of the Application, the application fee can be submitted online to complete the Application for Admission process.  

The application fee is $75.  There is no fee for the request for tuition adjustment.

Admissions: Apply Now
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